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Sentinel 720

Airborne Respiratory Pathogen Analysis System - Including SARS-CoV-2

Indoor air sampling with integrated on-site PCR analysis for airborne coronavirus.  A fast and cost-effective COVID-19 workplace safety solution for:

  • Schools
  • Factories and food processing plants
  • Restaurants and entertainment venues
  • Prisons and detention centers
  • Retail environments

Detecting Airborne SARS-CoV-2 with the Sentinel System

SARS-CoV-2 is airborne, and transmitted asymptomatically.   Frequent testing of indoor air for airborne coronavirus will help make your workplace safer.  Environmental surveillance is complementary and additive to random or voluntary testing for COVID-19 in the workforce.



Collect Samples

Collect air samples from each group of employees (those working indoors and together for extended periods of time)


Test Samples

Test air samples with the BioFire® FilmArray® 2.0

Positive PCR Test

If the PCR test is positive, follow established health department guidance

Negative PCR Test

No action needed

BioFlyte® Aerosol Sampling Technology

Highest performing handheld air sampler on the market.

BioFlyte's BioCapture z720 is the highest performing handheld air sampler on the market, providing a high-flow rate of 200 liters/minute, with collection onto a filter with predictable sample extraction. Seen in the chart below, the concentration factor is the true figure of merit.

BioFire FilmArray 2.0

A sensitive and accurate PCR system, providing detection of SARS-CoV-2 in less than one hour.

The BioFire system allows rapid, on-site direct measurement of airborne coronavirus in the workplace. Results are available in less than one hour. This enables rapid isolation of work groups for further testing following established health department guidance.

BioCapture Image for Microsite.jpg

Technical Details

How much airborne virus can be collected?

With a 10-minute sampling time, and a flow rate of 200 liters per minute, the RNA concentration in the collected sample will be:

CL =  Ca * F * T  * ηc / VL        
CL = 1 copy / l * 200 l/min * 10 min * 90%  / 5 mL 
CL = 360 RNA copies/mL


BioCapture z720 can concentrate 1 copy per liter of air into 360 copies per ml of sample fluid.

Is it sufficient to detect with PCR?


CL =  RNA concentration in ambient air (RNA copies /L) 
Ca =  RNA concentration in collection liquid (RNA copies /mL) 
F    =  flow rate (L/min)
T    =  sampling time (min)
ηc  =  overall efficiency of collection
VL  =  volume of collected liquid sample

BioFire FilmArray 2.0 can detect 300 copies per ml.

PCR combined with the BioCapture z720 can detect airborne coronavirus at concentrations of < 1 RNA copy per liter of air.

Results from testing on an active coronavirus spreader (recently infected patient)

data image with borders.jpg

Demonstrated a proof of concept that BioFlyte’s environmental surveillance system can find airborne coronavirus RNA.  Sampling at high flow rate and high overall efficiency is key to the limit of detection of the system.

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